Are you an aspiring/established singer or songwriter? You might have an album worth of ideas, but no means of getting the words off the page and into the studio, or you might be brand new to the world of music and entertainment. Either way, BRIT Award winning songwriter, producer and musical director, Simon Ellis can help! No matter who you are, where you're from or what experience you have, Simon is here.

Having worked with some of the most influential and top-selling artists of all time, writing chart topping singles and managing the music for worldwide tours of Britney Spears and the Spice Girls - no one is better equipped to guide and coach you to your fullest potential than Simon.



You can chose to co-write songs with Simon or commission his extensive expertise for the writing, production and mastering of your tracks.


Whether you have notepads full of lyrics or want to start from scratch, we'll lay the melody down and fine-tune your words until you're ready to hit the charts. 


You don’t write songs?

You can choose a song from my extensive catalogue. Just let me know what style and sound you're looking for, and if I don't already have the right song for you, I'll write one. These services include writing, recording, full production with a backing track built by me, mixing and mastering.


£1500.00 GBP

per song 

£1350.00 GBP

per song for 3 songs or more



So you've got a chart-topper on your hands, but you need it produced professionally. That's where I come in. My production service includes a complete backing track, full mix and mastering of the song. I can produce and mix all genres of music, and have experience in every field, so however you want to sound, I'll get you there. 


Need your song mixed or remixed?


[One thing I know how to do] is make a song sound radio-friendly. If you're not happy with a mix of your song or want to redefine your sound, get in touch and I'll give your track a makeover. 



£1000.00 GBP

per song 

£850.00 GBP

per song for 3 songs or more 



Mastering is the final and most important part of creating a track. It makes the song sound bigger, wider and louder – and no radio station will play a song unless it's been mastered properly.


With my state-of-the-art studio equipment, I can master your songs so they sound polished and ready for airplay. 



£100.00 GBP

per song

£75.00 GBP

per song for 3 or more songs



£700.00 GBP

10-song album 



In the world of commercial pop music production, a vocal that hasn't been edited and processed properly to fit the music can kill a track. I won't let that happen!


Send me your recorded vocals and I will work on them to make them sound polished and modern. 



£200.00 GBP

per song 

*Please note that upfront payment is required to secure bookings. 



To date, Ellis' is widely regarded in the music industry as the 'Best Musical Tour Director in the UK', and one of the most creative in the World. His work on 'The Return of The Spice Girls' World Tour in 2007–08 was described as “Genius” by their manager Simon Fuller - creator of the Idol Franchise and XIX Entertainment. Simon has a close relationship with Fuller, from which he has worked with some of XIX’s biggest artists over the years, and continues to do so.

Some of the most notable artists that Simon has toured the World with, are:

Spice Girls

Britney Spears

S Club 7


East 17



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