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Professional Songwriting:
Choose to write a song or songs with me, have them written for you, or choose a song to sing from my catalogue.

I can record and produce a master quality recording in my studio for you, from 1 single through to a complete album.

Nobody in this country with my track record and success is offering these services.

All songs will be produced to master quality.

  • Write a song with me - £500
  • Production of a song you have written - £1000
  • Choose a song to sing and have it produced - £1000
  • Write a song with me and have it produced - £1500

The Rest:
It’s one thing having these songs in your pocket, it’s another to have them listened to and promoted. We can do this. 25 years in the music industry means we have a massive contact list. We can get the songs to those people.

We can also offer:

  • Single and Album release
  • Promotion
  • PR. We work with some of the top PR figures in the UK
  • Advertising
  • Video. We have contacts with all major Video TV channels
  • Club Remixes
  • Radio
  • Digital download through iTunes, Napster etc
  • Choreography

Our Promise:
We are honest people who really want to help. We will never ever be anything else. I hate being ripped off. Don’t you?

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